Succulent Mugs


Mugs of many themes with a variety of lovely succulents to pick from. 

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Super easy to care for, just give them a few drops of water when the soil looks dry. Will do well inside on a sunny windowsill or outside in morning sun.

Note – cups have no drainage holes so be careful not to overwater.

Local pickup only. Items purchased prior to 9pm Thursday 22 October can be collected via drive-through pickup at Latham Primary School front carpark from 3.30 to 5pm Friday 23 October. Buyers who purchase after 9pm Thursday 22 October will be contacted by the organisers in the week after the Online Fete event.

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Teacher Voice, Green Machine, Christmas Cat, Open Window, Great Teacher, Happy Cow, Pink Floral, Bush Runner, Pink Polka, Cheap Kisses, Pears, Blue Spotty, Stem and Leaf, Frond, Postman!, Star!, Bridge, Black, White