Latham Lunchbox

The Latham Lunchbox is the P&C run school canteen. It  provides a wide range of foods and snacks for students and teachers 3 to 4 days a week. Regular days are Tuesday to Thursday for lunch and recess with occasional specials on Friday for lunch.

Lunch at 11:00-12:00 (open for online orders and 11:20 for counter sales)
Recess at 1:30-2:00 (open for online orders only)
Orders close at 8:45am.

The Latham Lunchbox is run by a friendly canteen manager. However, volunteer parent/carer help always welcome. If you are able to volunteer some time please contact the canteen on 61420 095 OR email Younger children are welcome as the canteen is a family friendly environment.

Volunteers are the canteen’s most precious resource!

Lunch Orders: For the latest menu and meal deals or to place an order check out the Flexischools website. Also available on Flexischools is the Cashcard for $3 or $5. It gets delivered to your child, complete with name and class printed on the back, and they can use it like cash at the canteen window. So easy!

Counter Sales: The Latham Lunchbox canteen window is open for cash / cashcard sales at lunch only. On sale is a limited snack menu consisting of lite snacks like fruit, popcorn and pikelets and a small selection of frozen and hot food all ranging between .50 cents and $3.00.

The Latham Lunchbox uses a traffic light system to categorise foods and drinks according to their nutritional value, view the The Traffic Light System in Schools provided by the ACT Education Directorate for more information. The Latham Lunchbox only sell GREEN and AMBER foods.

Latham P and C


 →  When is our school canteen open?

The canteen is open Tuesday to Thursday for all students (including Preschool). The Canteen is CLOSED ON MONDAYS and FRIDAYS.

Orders must be made via Flexischools.

The counter is also open for lunch service, serving wedges, icey poles, frozen ice cups, fruit, popcorn etc. Students can use cash or their Flexischools Cashcard (available on Flexischools).

→  How do I order on Flexischools?

Please head to and set up an account. All orders are made through the Flexischools website and app. Orders must be in by 8:45am on the day.

→  What if I have trouble with Flexischools?

Please email Flexischools on or complete the contact form on the Flexischools website.

→  What if I have trouble with the menu on Flexischools?

Please email the Canteen Manager on or call the canteen between 9-12pm on 6142 0095.

→  How can my family discuss adding an item to the menu?

Please contact the P&C Canteen Coordinator via or drop into the canteen to discuss directly with the Canteen Manager.

→  We are having trouble with our lunch order, what do we do?

You can email the Canteen Manager via or call the canteen between 9-12pm on 6142 0095. There is always a solution to any problem.

→  My child is no longer able to have the lunch order that I have ordered?

Please call the canteen as soon as you know the lunch order is no longer needed. In most cases you can move the lunch order to the next day.

→  My child has food allergies – is there something they can eat safely?

The canteen has gluten, dairy, egg free products and while utmost care is taken to maintain food security there is no guarantees.

→  How can I volunteer in the canteen?

Our canteen relies on the support and generosity of people, just like you, who volunteer to help provide this important service to students and teachers. Volunteer parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are most welcome to help in the Canteen.

If you are able to volunteer some time please contact the canteen on 6142 0095 OR email Younger children are welcome as the canteen is a family friendly environment.

→  What do volunteers do in the canteen?

Volunteers assist and support the Canteen Manager to efficiently and professionally operate our school canteen, the Latham Lunchbox. This can include:

• Preparing and selling menu items as per the canteen menu.
• Preparation of pizzas, sandwiches and sushi bowls.
• Toasting sandwiches.
• Packing lunch bags.
• Restocking fridges and freezers.
• Making up popcorn, juice cups, veggie sticks and other snacks
• Washing, drying and putting away equipment

If you are able to volunteer some time please contact the canteen on 6142 0095 OR email us, otherwise if you would like more information about volunteering in the canteen, please contact

Canteen Fun Facts

Did you know…

Where possible we pre-make meals from scratch, using seasonal produce.

Recipes are often used for multiple menu options, such as: pizza sauce and pasta sauce; beef burger patties and meatballs.

We take pride in our inclusive menu, identifying the importance of catering for allergy and cultural requirements.

We make counter sales fun and often have a larger variety of items available. We sometimes use this time to trial new products before putting them on the menu.

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